Welcome to the World of the Silver Hunter.

Step into a version of the world you think you know, where fairy tales are history, magic exists. The things that go bump in the night are likely to eat you. Your introduction to this world begins with the adventure and romance between Kieran Belle and Corwin “Cory” Cooper in the Legend of the Silver Hunter trilogy.

Book One – Tracker introduces you to Kieran Belle, a member of the shifter-hunting House of Beauty, founded by the legendary Belle of “Beauty and the Beast” fame, and Cory Cooper, son of a family, descended from the Beast. These young men must struggle against the forces attempting to tear them apart, dark mages, shifters, and their own families.

Book Two – Witch follows Kieran and Cory to Maine, where they meet Kieran’s father’s family, the powerful Oisin Clan, led by his grandfather, the current Silver Witch. Danger lurks outside and inside the family compound as prophecy unfolds around Kieran.

Book Three – Hunter, the epic conclusion to Kieran and Cory’s tale, takes them to the family estate of the House of Beauty and a confrontation with Grandmother Belle, Huntress-emeritus of the family, the ruling matriarch. The lovers must battle family intrigue, the dark magic of the mysterious Master, and the darkest of all shifters, the legendary Beast.

The Curse takes you to the post-apocalyptic future of the early 23rd century and to join Archaeologist and Professor Dr. Jeremiah Banks and Religious Scholar Professor Juan Di Vargas on a quest for the secret of the Origin of the Vampires. Buried deep in the mythical past is the city-state of El-Abel, the city of Cain, the father of vampires. Follow the clues contained in the stolen journal of Richard St. Martin, current Lord of all Vampires, to discover the truth hidden deep beneath the sands.

Forthcoming and weaving through time from before the Legend series and into the dark future of the Origin series are Lord Hunter and Lord Slayer (Richard St. Martin’s Tale), which reveals how Richard went from mortal hunter to Lord of all Vampires.

Legacy of the Silver Hunter series (The Goldilocks Pledge, Riding Hood’s Revenge, Black Snow) picks up Kieran and Cory’s story and their impact on family and friends.

Further adventure awaits in the world’s deep mythical past and dark future as the Origin of the Vampires trilogy continues to reveal secrets lost for millennia in Book Two – The Blade and Book Three – The Spell.

Kethric Wilcox