The Prophecy of the Silver Hunter

When the lines of white* do twist and twine, the first-born of the second son shall of two Houses be.

Child of the White* Witch thy path doth wind, like the goddess a threefold way, Tracker, Witch, and Hunter thee.

A lone journey to the city named for a small stone, leads the Child of Beauty to his souls mate.

From the ever shifting line of the Ebony beast shall a never changing pup’s soul bind to your fate.

When bound are two souls that can not part, ‘ware to those who work the dark art.

The hour draws nigh to confront the heir of the dark beast.

One whose shape shifts shall claw the light in order to bring on the dark feast.

Boundaries of magic and of flesh shall shatter and white* will shift its shape.

Hunter in white* thy time has appeared, call forth thy mate and thy guard, this fate thou can not escape.

Thou art bound by whites* slender chains the mages burden to bear.

Bound or free only the rising gold shall reveal your fate by its rising glare.

*In some of the ancient copies of this prophecy the scribe uses silver instead of white.

Author: Kethric Wilcox, Author

Kethric Wilcox is the author of the Legend of the Silver Hunter series, a M/M paranormal retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Wilcox works as an exhibit designer and graphic artist during the day and writes about hunters, shifters, and humans in the evenings. When he's not writing or designing he can be found running around town with his partner of eight years doing something geeky in nature. Wilcox holds a BA in Graphic Design and one in History. His preferred era of historical research is the crusades and late middle ages. He and his partner can sometimes be found camping in one of Arkansas's beautiful state parks. Wilcox is originally from Boston, MA, and grew up in a fairly typical middle-class family. He wrote his first story in high school English and once submitted a script for a play to a contest around that time as well. He's written several skits for his church over the last couple of years and was planning on working with his church drama partner to write a movie script for independent production, but those plans were put on hold due to illness in his writing partner's family. In 2014, Wilcox challenged himself to undertake a creative writing challenge to replace the script idea and Tracker, book one of the Silver Hunter series was born. Book two, Witch followed in 2015, and Wilcox released Hunter, book three of the series in January of 2016. He is currently working on the first of the vampire trilogy. Future writing plans include a twist on Little Red Riding Hood, a trilogy featuring Professor John Mason and Brom Oisín, Kieran's uncle, and an alternate history set in Venice.

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