Conflict resolution: Cory vs Kieran because Uncle Brom interfered.

So I was sitting down with my trusty pen and notebook last night because my laptop is still defragmenting and trying to figure out what to do about the problem Kieran’s Uncle Brom tossed into the middle of “Witch” the other day. Brom has created a major kink in Kieran and Cory’s relationship, which at first I didn’t think I’d be able to correct. I was taught ages ago that wolves mate for life and deep down inside Cory’s shifter form is a wolf. So, when Brom did what I’ve had Kieran very hesitant to do and bred Cory, he activated the wolf mating bond and linking Cory’s love to him instead of Kieran. Major problem here if Kieran and Cory are suppose to live “Happily Ever After.”

Research time required after a quick prayer to the internet gods, (please tell me there’s a way out of this mess. I really don’t want to toss 2,000+ words) and hurray for modern science pages on the mating rituals of wolves. It turns out that wolves don’t really mate for life. The mating bond can be broken by mating with another wolf. Cool, possible solution to problem of uncle’s interference.

Now I face the dilemma of do I have Kieran break the bond with magic and then let Cory decide where his heart truly lies or do I have Kieran take Cory by force breaking the bond to Brom and refocusing it on Kieran instead? As I was writing last night the guys argued about the situation and it’s lead to the start of a physical fight between the two. Not sure how that will turn out yet. While Kieran is a trained fighter, he’s promised no magic and no weapons other than his body against Cory, who is a brawler due to growing up with five brothers.

So feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Kethric Wilcox

Update on “Witch” the sequel to “Tracker”

Well between a long holiday weekend plus Arkansas being visited by its sixth season, “ICE,” I managed to write three more chapters for “Witch: Legend of the Silver Hunter” book two in my planned trilogy. One chapter is actually an Interlude giving a brief cameo appearance of the sinister Ebony mage known only as the Master (not to be confused with the Time Lord/Lady of the same title) and the Dark Alpha who leads the pack hidden away on the Belle Estate. The second chapter is part of Kieran and Cory escaping to the beach for a romantic get a way from the demands of Kieran’s training for the mantle of the Silver Witch. The third  chapter is one the characters in particular, Kieran’s Uncle Brom made me write. I’m not sure it’s something I want to use but it had to be written just so I could get back to the happy love scene I was trying to write for Kieran and Cory.

It’s always interesting when side characters suddenly step forward and demand attention and a bigger part in the story. Brom was always Kieran’s favorite uncle when he was a child. He taught Kieran how to disguise his magic as enchanted objects and how to forge actual enchanted silver weapons and other objects, like the rings Kieran and Cory both wear. He was also the uncle who served as a role model for young Kieran as he came to grips with his sexual orientation.

Unfortunately for Kieran by the time we meet Uncle Brom the bright hero of youth has begun to tarnish. Jealousy sets in and a descent into madness begins.

I’m 17,000 words into a planned 50,000 word story, so stay tuned for more info on “Witch: Legend of the Silver Hunter.”

Character Profiles for Tracker: Legend of the Silver Hunter, Book One


Full Name: Kieran Samuel Belle Oisín

Also Known As: Kieran Belle

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Grey

Orientation: Gay

Known Profession: College Student, majoring in Graphic Design and Photography

Hidden Profession: Tracker and Witch

Family: The House of Beauty Who Slew the Beast (Mother’s); Heir to the Lineage of the Silver Witch (Father’s)


Mother: Miranda Belle, Huntress of the House of Beauty – Deceased

Father: Kellan Oisín, Silver Witch – Living

Kieran is heir to two very powerful legendary families, the shifter-hunting House of Beauty and the lineage of the Silver Witch. He is the first male in ten generations of the House of Beauty to become a Hunter-candidate. His main desire is to escape the life destiny seems to be laying out for him and to live his life doing creative things and spending his time with the man of his dreams.

Vampires in the world of the Silver Hunter

Do vampires exist in the world of the Silver Hunter?

Yes, vampires exist along side shifters. The original vampires are even more victims of the corruption of magic then the first shifters were. Some legends say the very first vampire was created by Corruption itself and aided in the twisting of Creation’s magic. Other legends say the first vampire was cursed by Creation for a great sin against nature.

Whatever the truth is vampire society does its best to remain in secret. Sometimes the secret is exposed and forces arise to hunt down vampires. The most fearsome vampire hunters are the Inquisitors, once a powerful force of the Catholic Church, now they are a secret society made up of hunters of all faiths and those with no faith.

Tales of the vampires are coming to the World of the Silver Hunter. Watch for more information on “Lord Hunter: Richard St. Martin’s Tale.”

A look at shifters in the world of the Silver Hunter

During the time before the most ancient of wars when mages could work multiple colors of magic the first shifter was created. An Ebony/Emerald mage corrupted and twisted the strands of human DNA and the strands of various animal DNA into a new form of life – the shifter. Ebony magic made the transformation possible while Emerald magic rewrote genetic codes to make the new form viable and cause it to breed true. The first shifters were wild creatures more animal than human. Time and magic changed that.

When the mythic war broke out, Corruption called and drew the majority of the shifters to its side through the Ebony magic in their DNA. Because Ebony magic and Silver magic became opposed during the war, shifters became vulnerable to silver in all forms from magic to metal. A shifter’s bite leaves traces of Ebony magic behind making them dangerous to Silver mages.

The ancient shifters who fought in the war could shift their shape at will and could take on any animal shape or halt the process half way between human and animal.

The Silver Mages of the war era banded together in cast a binding spell on the shifters. The spell bound the shifters to one animal form and bound their shifting to the phases of the moon. Only the most powerful bloodlines of the shifters can hold the shift half way.

The shifters in the world of the Silver Hunter are born that way. One is either born a shifter or one is not, a shifter’s bite or scratches will not transform a non-shifter into a shifter at the next appropriate moon phase.

Shifters divide themselves in families, clans, and packs based on their animal form. Some shifters are solitary only coming together to choose a mate or breeding partner in season.

The Coopers are a family of shifters who belong to a larger pack. They belong to a renegade faction of shifters who are attempting to remove the taint of being shifters from their bloodlines.

Beauty’s prince was born of a mortal father and a half-shifter mother and his bloodline taints the descendants of the House of Beauty. His half brother the infamous Beast was born of a full blooded shifter father and shares the same mother as the prince.

The Beast’s father was an ancient shifter whose bloodline was heavy with ebony magic. He and the Beast both manifested in animal form with black fur so dark it has blue highlights.

Magic in the World of the Silver Hunter

The magic of the Silver Hunter setting is divided into two camps Creation vs Corruption. The magic itself is neither good (creative) nor evil (corrupt) but a tool used by those gifted with its power. Magic is divided by color , with each color having a different function.
Gold – Miracles, true Creation (Legendary magic)
Silver – Offensive Combat magic/adapted to defense
Ebony – Defensive magic/Corrupted into Offensive
Ruby – Fire magic
Sapphire – Cold or snow magic noted for healing
Emerald – plant magic/life energy limited healing

The great war fought in legendary times shattered the balance of magic and powerful spells by both sides created limits to both mages and shifters.

Modern mages can only wield one color of magic and no Gold mages have been proven to exist since a century before the War.

All shifters of less than pure blood can only change from human to animal form. Pure bloods of ancient lines can shift to a half-human/half-animal form that allows them to converse while benefiting from their animal forms enhanced abilities. No shifter can manage more than one animal form. Shifters are also limited to shifting during certain phases of the moon.

Some Hidden History of the House of Beauty

Those of you who follow me as chronicler of the House of Beauty must continue the tradition of keeping the truth in these records secret from all but the Huntress of the House. In some cases, it will be best if even the Huntress is kept in the dark about some events.
Mother was a bitter woman when she founded our House. I know how the stories portray her as bright and cheerful, know she resented her life and her sisters most of all. She never expected to marry into royalty at best she figured she’d marry a farmer. Shortly after mother convinced father it was in his best interests to marry her, she lost touch with her youngest brother. No trace of my uncle was ever found, all though rumors have been heard of his marriage to the daughter of a count in a distant land.
The first entry from the First Chronicles of the House of Beauty, translated in the nineteenth century from the original French.

Welcome to the World of the Silver Hunter

Hello Writers and Readers,

Welcome to my blog about the world in which the stories of the Silver Hunter take place. Here I’ll give details about how the magic of this world works, what the differences between this world and reality are, and other details not included in the books of the series.

Feel free to ask questions, post comments, and reviews of the books.

Currently Book One, Tracker: Legend of the Silver Hunter is available at these retailers and subscription services:


I’m currently writing the first draft of Witch: Legend of the Silver Hunter, Book Two, which I should be publishing late in 2015.

The third and final book of the series will be entitled, Hunter: Legend of the Silver Hunter, Book Three.

I’m also working on a companion book about the vampires of the world of the Silver Hunter, which features a minor character from Tracker. Watch this blog for more details on “Lord Hunter: Richard St. Martin’s Tale.”Tracker Cover redesign WebWitchKethric-72dpi-1500x2000