Character Profiles for Tracker: Legend of the Silver Hunter, Book One


Full Name: Kieran Samuel Belle Oisín

Also Known As: Kieran Belle

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Grey

Orientation: Gay

Known Profession: College Student, majoring in Graphic Design and Photography

Hidden Profession: Tracker and Witch

Family: The House of Beauty Who Slew the Beast (Mother’s); Heir to the Lineage of the Silver Witch (Father’s)


Mother: Miranda Belle, Huntress of the House of Beauty – Deceased

Father: Kellan Oisín, Silver Witch – Living

Kieran is heir to two very powerful legendary families, the shifter-hunting House of Beauty and the lineage of the Silver Witch. He is the first male in ten generations of the House of Beauty to become a Hunter-candidate. His main desire is to escape the life destiny seems to be laying out for him and to live his life doing creative things and spending his time with the man of his dreams.