What’s new in the world of the Silver Hunter.

So, it’s been a bit since I last posted news from the world of the Silver Hunter. Since last I posted Hunter, the final book in the Legend of the Silver Hunter trilogy has gone live on Amazon and CreateSpace. I’ve been hard at work on the promised vampire books. I sent a draft of The Curse: Origin of the Vampires to my beta reader in a journal format and got back confusion. It’s been ages since I wrote anything in the first person and things that are clear in my mind are not obvious to outsiders. So The Curse went back to the drawing board. The Curse instead of being a short introduction to the background of the vampires of the world of the Silver Hunter is now shaping into a Dystopian/Paranormal Romance/Religious Adventure tale. Lots of research has gone into shaping the future of the world Kieran and Cory live in. From researching alternate versions of the tale of Cain and Abel to what the affects of detonating an Electromagnetic Pulse weapon high above the Earth would be, there are lots of details to shaping a not so pretty future.

From the wreckage of the Great Upheaval an new world order has emerged. Where once the United States of America stood four rival nations now exist: The United States of America and Canada, The Confederate States of America, The Republic of Texas, and The Republic of California. The political order of Europe has change as the Catholic Church emerges as one of the supreme political powers forging a new Holy Roman Empire opposed by the forces of a revived British Empire and the powerful new Russian Empire. The last remnants of European democracy hold fast in the Republic of Greece. In the Middle East the Great Upheaval paved the way for Israel to deal with her nearest foes and create Greater Israel and forced the reunification of the surviving Islamic nations into the Caliphate of Baghdad.

Behind the scenes ancient supernatural forces have also been doing battle as the Primordials awaken from languor to wreck havoc on their children and mortals alike. Into this political and supernatural mess are tossed pages from an ancient journal written by the legendary Cain, son of Adam and Eve, and Father of all Vampires along with the personal notes of Richard St. Martin who killed this most ancient of vampires and became cursed in his place. Poor copies have surfaced over the years and Richard’s agents both mortal and immortal have hunted them down. Now a set believed to be the actual original pages have emerged in the hands of Professor Juan Di Vargas of the University of Madrid and his one time lover, Dr. Jeremiah Banks of the University of Arizona. Di Vargas holds the prestigious Ferdinand II Chair of Biblical Studies, and specializes in Old Testament stories surrounding the first family of mortals. Banks is a professor of archaeology, specializing in ancient pre-Babylonian Mesopotamia and while he’s young and new to the field he’s already famous for finding the tablets, which cracked the greatest archaeological mystery of the ages – a translation of Linear A into an early version of Babylonian. (Note: Linear A is believed to be written in the language of the Minoans before they were conquered by the early Greeks, and as yet no key has been discovered to decipher the language.)

Now the search is on for the legendary city of Cain, which the bible calls Enoch, but Cain’s journal refers to as El-Abel. Will our daring heroes find the object of their quest and revive their relationship or will they fall victims to one of the various factions racing them to the city of Cain?

Here are a couple of maps of what the political landscape looks like in the 22nd century of the world of the Silver Hunter.

Stay tuned to this space for more on The Curse.

Author: Kethric Wilcox, Author

Kethric Wilcox is the author of the Legend of the Silver Hunter series, a M/M paranormal retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Wilcox works as a graphic artist during the day and writes about hunters and humans in the evenings. When he's not writing or designing he can be found running around town with his partner of eight years doing something geeky in nature. Wilcox holds a BA in Graphic Design and one in History. His preferred era of historical research is the crusades and the late middle ages. He and his partner can sometimes be found camping in one of Arkansas's beautiful state parks. Wilcox is originally from Boston, MA, and grew up in a typical middle-class family. He wrote his first story in high school English and once submitted a script for a play to a contest around that time as well. He's written skits for his church over the last couple of years and was planning on working with his church drama partner to write a movie script for independent production, but those plans were put on hold due to illness in his writing partner's family. In 2014, Wilcox challenged himself to undertake a creative writing challenge to replace the script idea, and Tracker, book one of the Silver Hunter series, was born. Book two, Witch, followed in 2015, and Wilcox released Hunter, book three of the series, in January 2016. He published The Curse, the first of the vampire trilogy, in 2018. Future writing plans include a second series featuring Kieran and Cory's impact on their friends and families. Current projects include the first book of The Tales of Richard St. Martin - Lord Hunter, and Book Two in the Origin series - The Blade

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    1. Thanks, Kazy. It is amazing how different the stories about vampires can be. Hard to say what a match up between different styles of vampires would be like. Most of my vampires are darker than yours and many are more ancient which usually grants more power. I loved your vampires and I hope that fans will enjoy mine just as much.


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